We manufacture ourselves windows according to your desires, completely directly whether it around landscape-bound building, old-building renovation or acts restorations of monument-protected buildings.

Beautiful windows create living atmosphere.

All windows and doors, which are manufactured in our enterprise, are designed with the help of a computer-assisted CAD program. Like that it is possible, the constructions after the newest realizations to creat:
energy-saving, sound-restraining and professionally processes.

Product information
Red wood such as Dark Red Meranti or the like alternatively every other wood.
Resinous woods, oak teak and wood

Covers lying German a hand mark fitting with basic security.

Circulating lip seal outside of the weathering zone in the wing, exchangeably (additional impact seal against additional price).

Rain rail:
Thermally separatly, screwed in with PVC end caps, amluminium nature, darkly anodized or white burn-paints with stick cover.

ISO windowpanes 4-16-4 WG 1,1 Ug. Alternatively against additional price of special glasses and phon stop glass.

Extremely smooth surface and dimensional accuracy by hydraulic planes. 1 x in the exchange procedure primed, 2 x with airbrush paints. Against surcharge special colors and/or 2-colored painting.

According to DIN 68 121 in different wood strengths. Edges rounded.

Resistance against driving rain:
According to DIN 18 055, stress group C

Special aquipments:
Double-glazed window, box window, window after the demands of the monument protection, break-down-restraining fittings, invisible fittings, special shapings and special wood strengths, all noise control classes.
Essay boxes for mini roller-type shutters in same wood and surface.

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